Employee Assistance Program

How the e4 Health EAP Works

The Employee Assistance Program (e4 Health EAP) is administered by e4 Health. e4 Health EAP counselors are available to speak with you or your household members on any matter of concern, whether personal or work-related. 

Some examples of the problems or concerns that the e4 Health EAP can help with include: 

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • marriage or family problems
  • divorce
  • alcohol or drug abuse
  • problems with a child or teenager
  • fear of flying
  • serious health condition and end of life counseling
  • financial and legal resource counseling
  • workplace stress or problems with co-workers
  • other problems of a personal or work-related nature          
e4 Health EAP counselors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can contact the e4 Health EAP by calling e4 Health at 1-800-227-2195. 

e4 Health EAP participants have access to a wide variety of community referral and assistance programs, including: 

Work/Life Referral: Work/Life referral includes child and elder care searches, support for children with special needs, adoption assistance, college preparation and planning, relocation services and a number of other services. An e4 Health EAP specialist will discuss your needs with you, and provide you with information about programs that can help you meet them.

Personal Legal Advice: Employees and their household members can receive up to 30 minutes of free telephone consultation with an attorney for issues such as civil lawsuits, bankruptcy, divorce, real estate transactions, criminal actions, and contracts. If necessary, the e4 Health EAP will refer employees to an attorney for face-to-face consultation. Participating attorneys offer a 25 percent discount on legal fees. 

Personal Financial Consultation: Employees and their household members can receive telephone advice from a financial advisor on such matters as bankruptcy, financial, retirement and estate planning, investments, taxes, insurance products and related issues. 

Budget and Debt Problems: The e4 Health EAP can refer employees or their household members to American Consumer Credit Counseling (a non-profit agency). The e4 Health EAP will pay the initial fee for this service. 

New Parent Transition Program: This service provides telephone or e-mail support to new parents as they develop a plan that: 

  • balances their family and work life; and
  • eases their transition back to work.          

This program complements the e4 Health EAP’s New Parent Program, which is designed to support employees who are expecting a child. 

Telephonic and Onsite Health & Wellness Coaching: Your health coaching program offers online resources and onsite one-on-one counseling for issues such as health, stress management, parenting, elder care, and anxiety. The e4 Health EAP may also be contacted to assist with walking/fitness programs, weight loss, nutrition advice, smoking cessation and chronic disease management. 

The e4 Health EAP provides counseling and additional support. In addition to phone and onsite counseling, employees and household members can see a counselor who is convenient to their home or workplace for up to five face-to-face sessions per issue, per year at no cost. The e4 Health EAP will identify an appropriate counselor and schedule the meetings to best accommodate your schedule. 

If additional counseling services are recommended, the counselor will make a referral to an appropriate community resource. Every effort is made to connect individuals with counselors who are participating providers in their medical plan’s preferred provider network. 

For employees who participate in e4 Health EAP counseling, the sessions are confidential except for disclosures needed for compliance with mandatory e4 Health EAP referral evaluations and program requirements. This means that: 

  • the only information shared with Tufts Health Plan is the status of the employee's adherence to and compliance with the program; and
  • no treatment information will be shared with Tufts Health Plan without your permission. 

Your e4 Health EAP records are available only to those persons who administer the program or those who monitor and/or manage employees participating in the e4 Health EAP program or as required by law. 

No one, including your supervisor or anyone else who works for Tufts Health Plan, may have access to your e4 Health EAP records without your written permission.

If you have a question or would like more information about the e4 Health EAP, you may contact Human Resources or the e4 Health EAP directly by calling 1-800-227-2195. 

You may also access the e4 Health EAP website at www.helloe4.com and log on with “Tufts Health Plan” as your User Name and "guest" as your password. The website contains a number of useful resources, including: 

  • Personalized login capability
  • Online forums to connect with co-workers and peers on many topics
  • Direct access to trained work/life specialists through the LiveCONNECT chat feature
  • Access to informative live and archived webinars
  • Library of articles and tip sheet on parenting, wellness, career development, and consumer tips
  • Savings Center with discounts on name brand merchandise
  • Financial and daily living calculators