Adoption Assistance Plan

Exclusions and Limitations 

There are certain expenses and adoptions that the Adoption Assistance Plan does not cover, including: 

  • the adoption of a child age 18 or over (unless physically or mentally incapable of caring for himself or herself);
  • the adoption of a child who is the blood relative of an employee;
  • the adoption of a spouse’s or domestic partner’s child;
  • expenses that are not directly related to an adoption;
  • expenses that are not reasonable and necessary for an adoption under the terms of the Plan;
  • an adoption that is in violation of state or federal law;
  • the adoption of a special needs child who is not a citizen or resident of the United States, or who otherwise does not qualify as an eligible child under the terms of the Plan; or
  • an adoption that is part of a surrogate parenting arrangement. 

If you have a question concerning the Adoption Assistance Plan’s exclusions and limitations, you should contact Human Resources at extension 52222 or by sending an e-mail to Benefits-HR/TRP. 

The Administrative Information section of this Summary Plan Description (SPD) is incorporated into this section by reference. The Administrative Information section contains additional important information about your Adoption Assistance Plan benefits.