Disability – Directors

When Coverage Ends

This section describes the circumstances under which your Short-Term Disability (STD)  and Long-Term Disability (LTD) coverage will be terminated. 

Benefit coverage under your STD and LTD plans will end on the earliest of the following dates: 

  • the date that your employment with the Company ends* for any reason;
  • the date that you cease to be in active employment, except for limited continuation following layoff or leave of absence for non-FMLA** reasons (see "Layoff or Leave of Absence" in the Eligibility and Plan Participation section);
  • the date that you cease to be in active employment due to a disability that is not covered by the plan;
  • the date that you become part of a class of employees who are not eligible to participate in the plan;
  • the date on which you fail to make any required contributions towards the cost of your coverage (or the end of any applicable grace period, if later);
  • the date on which you enter active service in the armed forces of any country (does not apply to National Guard or Coast Guard training); or
  • the date on which the Company terminates the plan. 

*If you end employment, coverage will be extended for 31 days. If you become eligible for any other group disability insurance, this extension will end.
**Family and Medical Leave Act