Disability – Full-Time and Part-Time

Filing Your Claim

In the event your Short-Term Disability is ending and you're not able to return to work, you may be eligible for benefits under the Long-Term Disability Plan.

You must provide Unum with written proof of your loss no later than 90 days after your elimination period, but not later than one year after that date.

Physical Examination
The Insurance Company may require that you undergo a physical examination within the 45-day period following the date that it receives your claim. This examination will be at the Insurance Company’s expense. During this 45-day period, the Insurance Company may also require that you provide any additional relevant information concerning your claim. 

The Insurance Company may request that you provide proof of your continuing disability (i.e., after your initial claim has been approved). This proof must be received within 45 days of the Insurance Company’s request. 

The Insurance Company may request your permission to obtain additional information to support your claim. If you deny this request (or if the information is not provided), the Insurance Company may deny your claim or terminate your disability benefit payments. 

Any overpayments or amounts paid in error with respect to STD Plan or LTD Plan coverage must be reimbursed by the recipient for the overpayment or amount paid in error. 

You or your beneficiary can appeal a denied claim. The claim appeal procedures are described in the Administrative Information section of this Summary Plan Description (SPD).