Dental Plan

When Coverage Ends

This section describes the circumstances under which your Dental Plan coverage will be terminated. 

Your Dental Plan coverage will end on the earliest of the following dates: 

  • the date that your employment with the Company ends for any reason;
  • the date that you cease to be actively at work, unless you are on an approved leave of absence (as described in the Eligibility and Plan Participation section);
  • the date that you become part of a class of employees who are not eligible to participate in the plan;
  • the date on which you fail to make any required contributions towards the cost of your coverage (or the end of any applicable grace period, if later);
  • the date on which the Company terminates the plan;
  • you commit an act of physical or verbal abuse unrelated to your physical or mental conditions which poses a threat to any Dentist, or any Delta Members; or
  • you commit an act of misrepresentation or fraud. 

Dependent Coverage
Dental Plan coverage for your dependents will end on the earliest of

  • the date your coverage ends for one of the reasons listed above;
  • the date that a dependent no longer meets the definition of an “eligible dependent” (see Eligibility and Plan Participation);
  • for your spouse, the earlier of: 1) the date that you or your spouse remarries; or 2) the date of coverage termination stated in the judgment of divorce or termination;
  • for your domestic partner, the date on which he or she ceases to be a domestic partner. 

Your Dental Plan coverage will also end as of the date that you or your dependent makes a fraudulent claim or misrepresentation, or commits any act of physical or verbal abuse towards a dentist or a Delta Dental employee.

If Dental Plan coverage for you or an eligible dependent ends for reasons other than gross misconduct, you may be eligible for a continuation of your Dental Plan coverage under the terms of the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA). 

See the Administrative Information section of this Summary Plan Description (SPD) for additional information concerning COBRA continuation.